In this digital era, failing to adopt digital pace will kill your business eventually. Most of the people find digital marketing a complex thing to adopt therefore they avoid it. On the contrary to this, digital marketing is easier than traditional marketing concepts. Moreover, it gives more opportunity to reach to your target audience. Let’s start with a brief of Digital Marketing Advantages before jumping into to Indexing and Ranking of your website in search engine.

How Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing?

How To Index Your Website?

Do you know that Google first crawl your website and index your website pages in its search engine algorithm? Yes, if your website is flawlessly designed and developed, Google will crawl to check and if it suits it algorithm it will index your website. However, people rarely experience the trouble in getting their website indexed. In this case, there is a simple solution to this problem – You need to login to Google Webmaster Console. Let’s go through steps of getting your website indexed-

Step – 1

Logon To Your Google Webmaster Console:

Step – 2

Once you will click on Fetch as Google, you will get this screen

Here you need to click “Fetch” to let Google crawl and index your website. Usually, it takes hardly 1-5 minutes to get your website indexed with this method.


How To Rank Your Website In Search Engine?

Ranking in Google Search Engine is something we need to strategize because it is not any more a Link Building activity. People are still getting confused with the process of search engine optimization. Here are top 5 SEO Tactics to get your website ranked in Google Search Engine.

1 – SEO On-Page Should Be Done Perfectly

Starting from Meta Tags to Sitemap, robots alt text, URL mapping and structure, these On-page activities are playing major role in getting your website ranked in search engine.

2 – Content Optimization and Keyword Integration

Content has always been the King in Digital Marketing Domain and It is. If your website is content rich and intelligently incorporated relevant keywords, it will rank easily.

3 – Don’t Just Build Links, Build High Quality Links

You need to choose High Domain Authority Websites or your niche to get links that will increase the value of your website. Google still consider Links Volume as a ranking factor, however, not any links rather links coming from matching niche and high authority domains.

4 – Reduce Bounce Rates

If your website visitors are abandoning your website, it will impact on your website performance, which is also one of the secret parameters to rank particular website in search engine. I will write about How To Reduce Bounce Rates.

5 – Social Media Integration

Social Media integration not only gives you website an opportunity to connect with your audience through these channels but bring traffic to your website. Google also considers Social Media Integration as one of the important parameters to rake your website in search engine.

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